Hi, I’m Ilana

I’m a Kinesiologist, energy coach, yoga and meditation teacher and my mission is to help women slow down to vibe up.

Ready to take back your power and reclaiming your high vibe self

Are you struggling with overwhelm, anxiety, stress, sleep, your hormones and energy? 

Do you feel like your stuck in a constant cycle of rushing and running and can’t get off the spinning wheel?

Feel like you can’t say NO and finally put your needs first?

I understand, this was me too, before I hit complete rock bottom with chronic fatigue and lyme like disease.

I am one of Australia’s leading Kinesiologist, yoga and meditation teachers and together lets reclaim your health, wellbeing, inner joy and sparkle for life.


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Hi, i’m Ilana,

I’m a Kinesiologyist, energy coach and mentor (reiki & more), yoga and meditation teacher, wholefood lover, entrepreneur and have 12+ years working in the corporate world as an accountant.

I help women and children (& some men), reclaim their spirit, zest and energy through aligned living.

Life is a journey my friend and i’ve learnt that true freedom and happiness comes from putting your self care needs first, setting healthy boundaries and really listening to your inner wisdom and intuition (i know no easy, but I will show you how).

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I have worked with Ilana both individually in several Kinesiology sessions and also attended several of her workshops.

She is an angel! She is warm, comforting and a wealth of knowledge make you feel at ease and allowing the very best version of yourself to appear.

She is the epitome of health and wellness ensuring you do not feel alone on your journey. Thank you Ilana for your support and love.

~ Rhianna Bridgett

I really enjoyed Ilana’s rest and restore classes and the moon circles for most of last year.

The classes have helped me to truly put time aside for myself, in order to manage stress and live in alignment with my values.

I love the rituals associated with the Moon classes, to let go of what no longer serves, and to set intentions for each month.

I’ve learnt so much from Ilana’s workshops, podcast and 1 on 1 kinesiology sessions. Her kind, caring energy is an inspiration.

I look forward to all that Ilana K Membership has to offer, and to connect with like minded people.

~ Rebecca Calder

Ilana is one of the best people I’ve met. She is vibrant, knowledgeable and very friendly.

I’ve been seeing her online since lockdown began and the results are just as effective as they are when you are in person.

Ilana is also very flexible and makes sure it suits you .I’d be lost without having found Ilana.

Absolutely would recommend anyone who is thinking of doing a session either in person or online with Ilana! You won’t regret it.

~ Sarah Marshall

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