Slow Down Your Life


Slowing down, taking a step back and a little time out can be one of the hardest things to do when you are a passionate, ambitious and a go go type of person, but slowing down can actually give you perspective, space and the time to see what you really value in life, what is important and what is your truth.

Having to slow down is something i have had to learn over and over again after burning the candle and then realising, damn i’m doing too much again, reality check!

This usually occurs when i have an emotional moment and then realise that i am doing way too many things, which are causing me stress, anxiety and fear, instead of love, flow and joy.

So this morning I’ve taken the opportunity to become an observer of my thoughts and behaviours behind moving quickly and wanting to take lots of action, especially with my health and my business.

What i’ve realised is that there is an unconscious patterns or belief of “I am not enough,” or “I’m not doing enough,” or “there’s not enough”!


When really if I slow down to look at life, there is always enough, we are always enough and we have enough to survive in this world.

Our society has programmed us to think that money and material objects will bring us joy, love and happiness, when quite often all they really bring is fear, stress, anxiety, overwhelm, unfulfillment and health issues!

If you want to stop the fast pace go go life and learn to slow down in our material driven society, stop and take some time to reflect on your values, beliefs and reevaluate your desired lifestyle.

When i really slow down and take the time to really start living my truth i find that this is when life flows effortlessly, things start naturally falling into place and it is when my dreams magically turn into miracles and abundance occurs – true story!

Start slowing down your life today and make time to check in with what is true for you and your life.

As it is winter right now, the season of rest, restore nurture and reflection take the time to slow down and give yourself some time out and a break.

If you would like some support with slowing down in life or if are ready to finally take that step to make changes, than i am here to guide and support you.

Simply book in for a session with me. Check out Work 1:1 page.

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