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Comfort Zones

How easy is it to just do things we already know how to do?

Like our current jobs or business, a sport we have done for years or travelling to the same destination.

But if we never move out of our comfort zones, we lose out on growth, learning new skills, self developments, challenging ourselves and in many cases miss out on our dreams and desires in life.

Comfort zones can be defined as the “behavioural space where your activities and behaviours fit a routine and pattern that minimises stress and risk”.

When we step outside of our comfort zone, we’re taking a risk, and opening ourselves up to the possibility of stress and anxiety; of not know the outcome of what will happen and how we’ll react.
Society has come to see stress as a bad word, and in some cases for good reason, but a little bit of healthy stress can actually act as a catalyst for growth and provide a powerful motivation for inspired action.

Coming to Bali on my own for five weeks and allowing myself the time and space to explore deep within me has definitely taken me out of my comfort zone.

This yoga teacher training is more than just learning asana, meditation and mantra it is a course as Emily Kruser from High Vibe Yoga puts it “to shake things up and pushing comfort zones to make a difference in your life.”

And boy have we shaken things up – this week one main thing I have learnt is finding my voice again through speech, singing, sound, vibration and in writing. Talk about uncomfortable!

Learning to embrace vulnerability and discomfort, and to tap within to find the curiosity that lies beneath.

I use to sing a lot as a child, but shut it down in high school as it wasn’t “cool” and I always thought that I wasn’t “good enough.” But making sound and singing again, has been so so healing for my mind, body and soul. Allowing me to open up past emotions and pains that needed to be released.

So next time you find yourself at the comfort zone door, ask yourself the what, where and why questions. Where am I feeling the discomfort in my body and why is this arising today? What is it that is stopping me from doing what I truely desire?

When we ask ourselves these questions, we can understand the sabotages and blocks we are creating for ourselves and allow ourselves to transform our comfort zones into powerful exciting magic.

So think about one thing you can do this week to step out of your comfort zone……you can do it!

Perhaps it is going to your first yoga or exercise class, picking up the phone to have that difficult conversation, start singing lessons, learn to surf, or start jotting down ideas for that business or venture you have always dreamed to do.
Just remember like anything in life, make sure you nourish to flourish. Always find the balance for yourself between work, rest and play. Too much stress and anxiety outside your comfort zones is never your aim. 

“A comfort zone is a beautiful place………but nothing grows there.”

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