How Does Food Hair Testing Work?

Food Compatible Just For You.

Did you know that while I am a Kinesiologist, Yoga and Meditation teacher, I also offer DNA Food Hair Analysis!

I have suffered from irritable bowel, digestive issues and intolerances to foods for most of my life and while I have tried almost every diet, the one thing that really assisted me was eating wholefoods that are actually compatible with my DNA.

This test finds out what foods you CAN eat. The test results highlight which foods and products are RIGHT for YOUR BODY and which are NOT.

Feeding your body correctly frees up your immune system, reduces inflammation and reactions to foods.

Use food as your medicine, as Hippocrates Quotes “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food”.

How Does It Work?

We take a sample of your hair, which is then sent off for compatibility testing against different foods and products.

The testing results highlight which foods and products are right for your body and which are not.

You will end up with a report with a list of foods that are compatible with your DNA and which are not.

We then eliminate all of the non compatible foods and products from your diet for at least 6 months.

Then in six months time we re-test to see what has changed, which foods we can look to re-introduce and if there are any secondary inflammation that has occurred.


How much hair is needed? Approximately 1/4 tsp cut from the nape of neck, or arm/leg hair. If no hair, saliva on a cotton bud place in a plastic zip lock bag. (Babies)  

Does it matter if my hair is dyed? No, the equipment is calibrated to suit each hair sample.  

How does the equipment work? This equipment works on the electrical systems of the body. Every cell in the body requires electrical simulation to function correctly. Incompatible foods and products can interfere with this electrical stimulation. All cells in creation have their own electro – magnetic signature. This electromagnetic field in the hair and the electromagnetic field of each food and product are brought together and either attract (COMPATIBLE) or repel (INCOMPATIBLE). The equipment is calibrated to a level which displays this on a computerised graph through a unique system of equipment and software.  

How does this test differ from the skin pricking and blood tests? Those tests relate to allergy type symptoms. Underlying allergy or allergic reaction there is a compromised immune system. (poor cellular function) Bio-Compatibly testing is designed at a level where we test for foods and household products that compromise cellular function. Poor cellular function leads to inflammation which is involved in most dis-ease states. The Bio-Compatibility test is testing at a much deeper level.  

Is this an allergy test? No, this is a Bio-Compatibly test which tests for food and products that are incompatible or compatible with the individual. 

Test Investment:

500+ Standard $280.00

500+ Standard + Baby List $300.00

500+ Standard + Indian Foods List $325.00

Animal List $300.00 (For Pets, includes 500 + Standard)

Additional Add Ons: Aldi, Coles or Woolworths Lists $75.00 each

All Re-Tests $200.00 (Within six to eight months after the initial)

*** Note $10 is added to the above for express postage to the lab.


Consultations: 60 mins: $200.00 for adults and $180 for kids age 12 and below.

*** Note sessions may include some kinesiology testing, diet changes and reprogramming lifestyle habits.

Ilana K