Why You Should Protect Your Energy Often?

We are all feeling the effects of the coronavirus epidemic and everyone’s emotions, thoughts and feelings have been heightened with more fear, uncertainty, overwhelm and stress. Not to mention the constant lockdown looming energy that will be a constant still for a little while to come.

And if you’re an empath or sensitive soul like myself you are going to feel the effects of the energy around you even more, so it is vital that you clear and protect your energy regularly, maybe even daily.

While clearing your energy is extremely relevant currently due to the coronavirus and all the negative energy flying around in the universe, it is actually something we should all be doing regularly anyway.

I often use the example of servicing your car. Would you let your car run for years and years without a service, oil change or changing the tires??? Hmmmm!!!! What might happen if you did?? It probably starts making funny noises, oils run dry, blow a gastric or completely stop working.

We are human beings are like car, we need to attend and service not only our minds and body with food, exercise, connecting with other people, but we also need to service our souls and spirits. We have an energy body that needs a service and tune-up too. When was the last time to serviced your energy body.

Negative energy may affecting you on many levels including:

  • Physical body: nervousness, fight / flight response, butterflies in belly, tight throat, nausea, headaches, fatigue or difficulty sleeping, for example.
  • Mental / Mind: unfocused, negative thoughts or stories running in your head, thinking the worst or just can’t switch off.
  • Emotions: anxiety, unsettled, depressed or sad, alert, over stimulated, teary, shock, shame, hopelessness, panic, worry or even anger and irritability. 

Here are some simple and easy way to protect, clear and cleanse your energy:

  1. Intentions:

    Creating strong intentions and connecting with your heart each day that you are safe, secure and protected.
    Your intentions might be something like:
    1. I am shielded from all psychic attack. 
    2. I am safe & protected from all negative energy. 
    3. I am calm, relax and grounded today
  1. Grounding:

    Grounding daily is a great way to protect your energy, here are some ways to do this:
    1. Meditations:
      1. Seated
      2. Lying – like Yoga Nidra – Click here to watch
      3. Deep breathing – Click here to see more
      4. Chakra clearing – Click here to know more about Chakra clearing
    2. Connect with grass, sand, beach daily – Bare feet connection
    3. Get outside early in the morning to boost your body clocks circadian rhythms 
    4. Fresh air and sunshine each day
    5. Rubbing your feet or holding acupressure points K1 and L3 at the same time.
  1. Personal energy field clearing: 

    You can also teach your kids and partner these exercises as well.
    1. Close your aura energy
    2. Colour energy bubble – great to do before you leave the house or go to work
    3. Essential oil body smudge or smelling with intention
    4. Salt baths or foot baths – add epsom salts, magnesium flakes, essential oils,  fresh flower / herbs
    5. Shower after you have been out or at work – intention to wash away negative energy
    6. Work with small crystals: pick one daily to assist with protecting your energy each day. Make sure you cleanse your crystals often too. 
    7. Using essential oils on the body – wrists, feet, chest or heart, throat, temples etc.
    8. Booking yourself in for an energy healing: Kinesiology, reiki, chakras balance  etc 
  1. Environments:

    Clear and cleanse your house, office or workspace every fews days. When clearing your spaces ask for light and love to cleanse and clear your space, dissolving any lower-level negative energies. Do all rooms of your house.
    1. Smudge using dried sage or palo santo
    2. Smudge sprays, Check out my recommended smudge spray
    3. Smudge with dried lavender 
    4. Frankincense or rose resins
    5. Any type of incense: use like a smudge stick or leave in the centre of the house.
    6. Diffused essential oils: Rosemary, sage, cedarwood, ylang ylang, lemon, tea tree, patchouli, eucalyptus, lavender, orange, peppermint, bergamot or any oil you love.
    7. Sound clearing meditation: Click here to watch
    8. Air your house: open the doors and windows often to get fresh air in daily
  1. Exercise: 

    Moving your body daily. Exercise assists with your energy fitness and energy systems of the body. 
    1. Walks outside
    2. Yoga
    3. Pilates
    4. Gym classes
    5. Dancing to music
    6. Bike rides
  1. Disconnect from social media, TV & EMFS:

    What we consume can also harm our energy field, here are some tips:
    1. Stay informed online rather than from new updates.
    2. Update yourself just once a day and then turn the TV off
    3. Minimise time spent on social media to 1 hour max a day
    4. Turn all electronics devices off by 8pm
    5. Purchase devices to limit your EMF’s – Phone, home, work and travel harmonisers, click this link for products.
  2. Crystals:

    The main types of protection that you be seeking from your crystals include:
    1. Protection from negative energy
    2. Emotional protection
    3. Psychic protection
    4. Protection for your immune systeM
    5. Protection from stress and anxietY
    6. Electromagnetic smog and EMFs
    7. Protecting your home
    8. Protection from ‘energy vampires – aka people’
    9. Protecting your faith and trust is also important, check out these crystals for good luck
    10. Here is a list of some protective crystals you might like to use:
      1. Black Tourmaline
      2. Black Obsidian
      3. Smoky Quartz
      4. Shungite Crystals
      5. Labradorite
      6. Amber
      7. Amethyst
      8. Fluorite
      9. Blue Kyanite
      10. Hematite
      11. Clear or Rose Quartz – great all-rounders

8. Practitioner Cleansing:

If you are a nurse, teacher, practitioner or hold space for another person, make sure you are protecting your energy before and after a session or time with another.

This is my personal way to protect and clear my energy when working with clients:

Before Clients / Event:

  1. Clear the room with either Energy Shift Clearing Spray, palo santo or essential oils (Sage is often too strong).
  2. Ground and centre myself, using kinesiology switches or use an affirmation / mantra with an Intention for the day.
  3. Protect my energy field with the colour energy bubble mentioned above.
  4. Take 10 deep slow breaths.

After Clients / Event:

  1. Clear the room with either Energy Shift Clearing Spray, palo santo or essential oils (Sage is often too strong).
  2. Image cutting ties with the client or the event and take 10 deep breaths to come back to self.
  3. Close up my energy field and colour energy bubble create above.
  4. Have a shower or bath as soon possible, with intention in the shower to wash away any energy that is not mine.

If you feel you need deeper energy clearing, maybe it’s time to book a 1:1 session with me. These sessions incorporate kinesiology, reiki and many other energy techniques individualised to you and your needs. You can learn more at www.ilanak.com.au

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