10 Tips for A Happy and Healthy Festive Season

December is here and so is the Christmas energy and summer! As we move into one of the busiest seasons of the year, we often overindulge, over-commit and burn out. Many people love or dread this time of the year. And many of us are still slowly finding out feet after two years of constant lockdown woes, especially here in Melbourne Australia.

In this blog, we will discuss some easy tips for a happier and healthier festive season without it impacting your mood, health, self-care regime and waistline.

Why not set an intention to find more peace, happiness and enjoyment this Christmas? Intention is key to creating the life you desire.

Try our top 10 tips for a happier & healthier Christmas:

  1. Take the pressure off, don’t over commit & plan ahead: bring back saying ‘NO’ and make sure there is space in your calendar for you, too. Let go of your FOMO and really think what you plan on doing— whether it’s getting your presents done all in one weekend. (If you don’t know me well, I rarely compromise on food.)
  1. Set daily mindset intentions: If you hate Christmas shopping, change it to thinking that it will be an easy and enjoyable experience. Don’t get along with your sister in-laws? Change your thinking about her before you arrive at their place.  
  1. Know your weak spots: Is it sweets, mince pies, the meat or seafood, drinking too much or it could just be your food portion sizes? When you are aware of your weaknesses prior to a social event or Christmas day, you will have more control and power over it.
  1. Think before you eat: Christmas is a time of plenty eating— with nuts, chocolates, mince pies and cheese straws wherever you look, it would be rather Scrooge-like to suggest that you don’t eat any treats over the festive period! But rather than mindlessly popping whatever is in front of you in your mouth, spend a moment thinking about whether you really want it, or are just eating it because it’s there.
  1. Make self-care exercise a non-negotiable: Even if it’s just a 15-20 minute walking per day. It’s not only great for your body, but also for mental relaxation and reducing stress
  1. Go easy on the booz & drink more water: Alcohol contains a lot of empty calories. With running around, we often forget to drink enough water. 
  1. Add in more greens and fruit: If all else fail, start your day off well with a smoothie, fresh juice or veggie-packed breaky. Adding in more greens in salads can help the liver load and cleanse the body of richer foods. Fruit and vegetables also feed the good gut micro-biome. We need to keep those gut microbes happy. But with too much alcohol and sugar, it can distrut this balance.
  1. Rest when you can: Nanna naps are in people! Release any guilt for refuelling your tank. You might also need some more alone time as you are not use to socialising as much and this takes a lot of energy.
  1. Create family Christmas rituals: Create connection and meaning to life and the Christmas spirit.
    • Advent calendars 
    • Christmas box you open on the 1st of December. 
    • Decorating the Christmas trees
    • Christmas family baking
    • Watching Christmas movies or reading Christmas books
    • Carols by candlelight events
    • Going to xmas markets

10. Remember the reason for Christmas + acts of kindness like connection, family, rituals and celebration. While this Christmas might look a little different, depending on COVID and travel restrictions. Remind yourself in moments of hardship the spirit of being kind and compassionate with yourself and others.

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