About me

Ilana Kosakiewicz

I am Ilana Kosakiewicz and i am a CPA accountant, business owner, kinesiologist, coach and speaker and i serve my clients with my own unique skills, talents and discoveries that i have experienced and grown from in my own life.

My Journey

My personal growth journey really started at the beginning of 2014. Back then i worked in a large organisation as a chartered accountant and i was the perfect employee – a workaholic, perfectionist, people pleaser, organised, reliable and 100% responsible for not only my own work, but that of others. A few years prior i was also studied my degree and CPA part time for 9 long years while working full time. I was striving for great career opportunities and always seeking approval and gratification from my superiors.

Outside of work i had a very active social life, loving partner, healthy diet, exercised daily, did 4-5 dance sessions a week and so from the outside observer I looked like a perfectly healthy, happy and energised 29 year old in the prime of her career and life. However, looks can be deceiving because on the Inside I was far from “healthy” – fatigued, stressed, depleted, burnout, overwhelmed, highly anxious, sleep deprived, lacked confidence, was unfulfilled and even depressed. But if you had of asked me this my response would have been, “I’m fine, i’m just tired, i can handle it, I’m OK really”, Really? Really? Not at all!

The week of my 30th birthday my life as I knew it changed forever. I was diagnosed with chronic fatigue, adrenal fatigue & lyme like diseases! Slap…… talk about a massive message from my mind, body and soul saying “wake up”! And that’s exactly what I had to do, evaluate the life I was currently living. And guess what? It’s the best thing that happened to me…….Yay!


While this journey has not been easy by any stretch or means,  I have learnt a great deal about health, cleansing, diet, the mind, energy and myself. Not only do I know what boundaries are now, but I understand the importance of self care, self love and how to say that little word that can be so hard at times called “NO”. I have found out who i am and what my values are in life and the importance of practicing self care DAILY!

This healing journey lead me to my true calling and purpose of Kinesiology , coaching and educating others. I am passionate about being able to serve my clients in their own life’s journey and who want to learn and embrace the importance of self care and living a balanced lifestyle.

If you have experienced a similar journey, want clarity about your path, have the desire to practise self care daily, want to live a balanced lifestyle between your career and personal life than i am here to guide and motivate you to achieve your goals.

I encourage all of my clients and students to find what brings them joy, passion and love for this is key to an energetic and passionate life.

And I now live and breath for myself and my clients the moto “Nourish to Flourish”.