Align your business, work and life schedule in flow with the energy of your menstrual cycle, the moon and seasons with daily online self-care practices.

Exhausted and over the hustle? Me too.

My chronic fatigue journey showed me a simple and easier way to live as a woman in this modern world. And guess what? You can too!

Did you know that our energy as womens is approx a 29 day cycle? It’s finally time to align with and not against your natural energy flow sister.

Recharge your batteries with daily self-care practices from the comfort of your home.

What Is Aligned Living?

Aligned Living means to live in harmony with your sacred energy as a women each day.

As women we don’t have a 24 hour energy cycle like men, it works on the energy of the moon, seasons and our menstrual cycles.

When we align our businesses, work, schedules and self-care practices with this innate energy flow their is naturally more motivation, productivity, zest and joy.

Aligned living membership will teach you how to:

  • Live in flow with your daily energy and not your “to do” list
  • Create moments to pause and recharge daily
  • Have space weekly for meditation and yoga
  • Connect and reflect with the changing energy of the moon
  • Live each week in alignment with the season of your menstrual cycle
  • Take breaks, days off or slow days when you bleed each month
  • Commit to healthy personal and professional boundaries
  • Live more from your heart, inner wisdom and intuition
  • Embrace your feminine energy

Living in flow with your natural energy as a woman is possible.

And its so much easier than you might think and I hear all your excuses that I told myself too:

  • There is not enough time
  • Too hard basket
  • I can’t sit still
  • My schedules to busy
  • I’ll rest tomorrow
  • I can’t take a day a month when I bleed
  • I’m too “Type-A” to slow down
  • Slowing down is defeat
  • I don’t have a space at home
  • I don’t own yoga props or gear
  • I’m not flexible
  • I can’t meditate
  • How can I put myself first?

But I won’t let you self sabotage your needs anymore.

Not for your work, business, family or commitments. Living in alignment with your energy and needs will be your new norm!

Trust me, burnout will knock on your door too if you don’t set aside time to recharge your batteries regularly and live in flow with your energy as a women. There is a cost to “being on” all the time and you don’t want to learn the hard way like I did. 

Are you ready to live an aligning filled life?

Image every day feeling:

  1. Strong enough to say “NO”
  2. Confident, free and in control
  3. Putting your needs first
  4. Relaxed, light, inner contentment & more joy
  5. More productive with less overwhelm
  6. More energy, vitality and focus
  7. Have the confidence to put your needs ahead of your “to do” lists
  8. Improved sleep cycles for more energetic days
  9. More resilience, stress less + get more done
  10. Live in sync with your natural energy flow and cycles
  11. Connection with self and other like minded women

I’ll show you why “pausing life” to live in alignment with your energy as a women is your birthright.

If you’re searching for the permission to finally stop the rat race and give to yourself ….You’re in the right place.

Aligned Living Membership

What’s Included:

On-Demand Library

Find a yoga or meditation class for what you energetically need in the moment.

Cycle Syncing

Choose from a library of yoga and meditation classes based on your monthly cycles (Moon or Menstrual).

Live Classes

Enjoy weekly live yoga + meditation classes and with me or watch the replays when it suits your schedule.

Facebook Group

Join our private Facebook Group where you can share your experiences, ask questions, and create connections.

Monthly Moon Circles

Access our Monthly New and Full Moon Circles. Join live or watch the replay video.

Reminder Prompts

Receive reminder posts in the FB group about classes, current moon phases and syncing your cycle and more.

Our live streamed and on-demand classes allow you to listen intuitively to your daily energy needs through gentle yoga classes, meditations, breath-work, monthly moon rituals, women’s circles and much, much more.

And you can do this all from the comfort of your home or wherever you are in the world.

Our classes range from 10 minutes to 75 minutes.

Access your self-care needs at your fingertips. 

No more stress about fitting it into your schedule, the travel, traffic, car spots or remembering to pack your gear. You can even do it in your PJs, like lots of our sister members do…including me!

You Also Get Access To These


Personal Space

This masterclass with show you how to set up your ultimate zen space from home, even if this means you’re doing it in your bedroom!

Energy Tools

Learn the key tools to help you master your energy each day.

Tips + Tools

Learn 10 key tips for forming a regular yoga and meditation practice. I will give you my personal strategies that I use every day.


  • Live yoga classes each week (Valued at over $49) – Styles include: Hatha, Yin and Weekly Relax + Recharge Restorative Yoga
  • Live meditation classes each week (Valued over $19) – Styles include: Deep breathing, guided, chakra, sound, visualisation, Yoga Nidra + more
  • Monthly live New and Full Moon Circles (Valued over $39)
  • Quarterly change of Season / Equinox Circles (Valued over $29)
  • Tools for aligning your lifestyle with your daily energy, menstrual and moon cycles and seasons.
  • Private membership portal where all the self-care practises and content live
  • All-access of content, on demand
  • Private, supportive Facebook community
  • Weekly prompts, reminders + Q&As in our FB community—ask me anything!
  • Update emails with guidance and inspirational messages to keep you connected

Listen To This Podcast Episode To Learn More Aligned Living

In episode 28 of “The Energy Shift” podcast I discuss the principles for living an “Aligned Living” life and details about the membership.

I’m here to support you.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re new to yoga, meditation or understanding your cycles and your energy as a women.

Wherever you are now, the guidance and resources I share in the Aligned Living Membership will inspire you to show up, put your needs first and live in alignment with your values.

If you want an awesome community of feminine energy who share your values, the Aligned Living Membership is for you.


*** No lock in contracts, cancel online any time. For more details read our Terms & Conditions.

Let’s break down the most common myths, that create the sabotage stories you tell yourself:

  1. There is not enough time: Take time out of the equation. This is about making the space for you and your self worth. You are worth the time. You have the time. Have the confidence to say NO to muli-tasking and YES to you. 
  1. I can’t stop and slow down: I was also a type A personality before I got sick. Just like riding a bike, your slowing down and recharging is a muscle. It takes a little patience and effort, but like all things is so worth the reward.  
  1. It will be impossible to sync my work and life with my cycle: All you need is a little mindset shift and to understand the basic principles, then it is super easy to live in alignment with your menstrual cycle (Moon if menopause or pregnant). Classes are designed to cater for each week of your energy cycle.
  1. I’m not flexible or have done yoga before: You do not need to be flexible or have done yoga before to benefit from the classes.The styles of yoga that are taught are soft, slow and easy to follow. The focus is on connecting with yourself rather than the yoga poses themselves. The classes are a combination of: embodied hatha yoga, Yin yoga and restorative yoga.
  1. I can’t still my mind or sit upright to meditate: Great, the purpose of mediation is not to stop your feelings, thoughts or the mind.  Meditation is about awareness and finding a sense of perspective. You’re not trying to turn off your thoughts or feelings. You’re learning to observe and feel them without self judgments (or being scared of them).  Meditation is about becoming more mindful, being present, to rest in the here and now, fully engaged with whatever we’re doing in the moment. All of the meditations can be done in a seated position or lying down. Everything taught is about comfort and you listening to what your body needs, not what we tell you. It all takes consistent practice to get comfortable and switch off. And is why some classes are live, so we can assist you. So we’ve got you covered.
  1. I don’t have yoga props or gear: Not an issue. Most of the classes we use towels, pillows, scarfs, no yoga mat and  whatever floor or space you have available. We create the inner zen space with whatever you had at home. Bonus you can wear whatever comfy clothes you like, even your pjs. 
  1. Online classes aren’t as effective as in person: There are many women in our community that believe the opposite. You always get out in life what you put in and technology can save on time, travel and give you the flexibility within your schedule for your self care on the “as needs” basis.


“Ilana has been a rock of support through pregnancies, job shifts, home renovations, and life’s ups and downs. She has helped me heal, reframe my thinking, clear out unhelpful patterns, and is teaching me to take better care of myself. I really hope this helps someone who is considering online classes.” – Tara Allsop

“I booked into Ilana Kosakiewicz restorative yoga class and received more than I could have ever imagined. Never have I been so relaxed and I’ve been meditating and yogaing for a long time. Tension knots released deep within me. The next morning I repeated the class. What a remarkable difference in my body already. Recent stresses have been beyond the usual limits. Yet today I was calm, collected and peaceful. Much gratitude. – Tess O’Shea

“Magical. I made my partner do the online classes with me as he has been a ball of stress and anxiety all week. I bribed him with snacks. At the very end, he was in such a deep sleep that I couldn’t wake him! Thank you for that gift. I asked him for a rating this morning – he gave you a 10/10 – Emma”

Meet Your Teacher

Ilana Kosakiewicz one of Australia’s leading Kinesiologists, energy coaches, yoga and meditation teachers. She is a wholefood lover, entrepreneur and has 12+ years working in the corporate world as a CPA accountant.

Through Ilana’s own health journey with chronic fatigue and auto-immune disease she now truly believes that slowing down life, finding moments of stillness, living in the now and listening to your bodies inner wisdom and intuition are truly the biggest assets in life.

Ilana Is passionate with teaching women about living in alignment with their innate energy, menstrual cycle and the moon.

Ilana’s mission is to help women shift their energy by taking back their inner power and self-care rights by making themselves their number one priority. Join the Aligned Living Sisterhood and experience the energetic ripple effect to every part of your life.


  1. Can I pause or cancel the membership? I can’t imagine you’d want to, but yes if you’re going on holidays you can pause the membership and re-commence when you are home or if you’re not enjoying being a member you can cancel at any time.
  1. How long do I have access to all the materials as a member?  For as long as you’re a member, you’ll have access to the portal and all the content with the membership.
  1. Is there music for the classes? Yes! You will be able to hear the music through the class or there will be a link on the class page to access the music. You can also listen to your own favourite music if you wish too.
  1. How does the membership work? The membership provides unlimited access to on-demand classes and events. The membership also includes access to weekly livestream classes at no additional cost as well as access into our sisterhood women’s community + any extra bonuses given during each year.
  1. What devices can I use to access the membership? You can access the membership portal on any computer, mobile device or tablet at, we recommend Chrome as the most compatible web browser.
  1. How much space do I need? Not much at all. Just enough space to roll out your yoga mat or a towel. Most classes will only take up the space of your mat or just slightly outside it. 
  1. How often should I practice? Only you will know this question and is really about listening to your own body and creating what works for your lifestyle. Around 2-3 a week is a great place to start. 
  1. What payment options are available? You can pay on a monthly or annual basis. We accept credit cards and debit cards issued by Visa and MasterCard. 
Ilana K