Corporate Wellbeing


Having worked as a CPA accountant in the utilities industry for 12 years before hitting rock bottom with serve burnout and chronic fatigue, from my personal experience I understand the importance and impact that physical, mental and emotional wellness can have on your staff, team and business.

A company’s success ultimately depends significantly on its employees: their health, engagement, contentment and performance.

As Richard Branson puts it:
“Take care of your employees, and they’ll take care of your business”.

Employees who actively engage in own health and wellbeing are more:

  • productive
  • focused
  • motivated
  • creative
  • relaxed
  • innovative
  • team players
  • take less sick days
  • enjoy being at work

One of the greatest impacts of wellbeing within the workplace is reducing stress.  

Stress is the number one factor that drastically undermines the performance of your employees and business.

Stress has been proven to create high blood pressure, fatigue, weight issues, diabetes and mental fog, to name a few which lower energy levels, engagement and productivity.

A culture focusing on wellbeing can dramatically benefit the whole organisation. 

With the right wellness program, employees can be empowered to improve and maintain their health and wellbeing.

We can assist you to achieve sustainable change and the wellbeing of your employees, so that you, your staff and your business are operating at peak efficiency.

What We Offer

  • Yoga Programs – focused on breath, switching off, stopping and relaxing.
  • Meditation Programs – Sensory, Breath focused or Yoga Nidra (Like having a 3 hour power nap)
  • Wellbeing Workshops or Programs
  • Fatigue Management Programs
  • Women’s Health Programs
  • And much more….


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