Free Discover Kinesiology


Ever heard the term “Kinesiology” and thought kinesi what?

As a Kinesiologist I get at least one person a day asking me to explain Kinesiology and and share my story about how it altered the course of my life.

Kinesiology changed my life. Literally!

I was a CPA accountant before hitting rock bottom with chronic fatigue and lymes disease and Kinesiology change my perspective on health, career, relationships and my lifestyle.

Business owners and entrepreneur this evening will demonstrate how shifting your “energy” can impact your business – i.e. if your facing any blocks, fears, indecisions, direction or lacking self care and sleep (YES sleep).

So if you are curious and are ready to explore the power of Kinesiology your in luck!

Join me in this power hour session and learn how Kinesiology can transform your life and business too!

Limited tickets so make sure you book your spot TODAY.

*Stress, anxiety, trauma or fears
*Business blocks and indecision
*Not feeling yourself or overwhelmed
*Belief systems or habits
*Achieving health, business or life goals
*Chronic fatigue, insomnia or autoimmune diseases
*Digestive issues or allergies
*Children’s health, learning and wellbeing
*Pain management
*And much much more

*Learn what is Kinesiology
*Benefits of Kinesiology for adults, children and teenagers
*What to expect in a Kinesiology session
*Kinesiology Demonstrations
*Bonus – take home tools and tips for stress management and self care


Date: Monday 6th May 2019
Venue: North Melbourne
Time: 7pm
Cost: Free

Simply book your ticket here: