COVID Emotional Support Sessions


Your emotions are real and sometimes you just need someone to guide you to feel, process and release them.

These online COVID emotional support sessions are to help assist you with the emotional and mental impacts from the ever changing world that we are currently living. 

When we get suck in our thoughts and emotions we can get stuck in the fight / flight or survival mode and fearful of the future and how to move forward. These sessions are to guide you out of fear, anxiety, stress and overwhelm (among others) and back into a place of a peace, calmness, new perspectives and back into your inner power and focused on what you can control in your life. 

These sessions will include:

  •  Mindful listening and deep connection discussion to understand your current needs.
  • Grounding techniques.
  • Discussing your own unique support strategies. 
  • Creating your own at home support tool box (if required). 

Please know this is not a Kinesiology Sessions, but some loving guidance and mentoring to support you in your time of need.

Sessions are for 30 minutes and are conducted online via Zoom or can be arranged via phone. 

***NOTE: Please know that I have reduced the price of these sessions from my normal hourly rate due to the very real financial pressures of COVID. 


COVID Support Sessions: 30 minutes – $65.00 + 2.2% Card Fees


Our cancellation policy is 24 hours.


Cancelation fees of 50% will be charged for less than 24 hour notice. Full fee to be paid if cancelled on the day.


Payments can be paid by direct debit (prior to your session) or via EFT on the day of your appointment. Card fee are 2% of the transaction price.

If you have any questions about your session simply contact me on the below:

Email:  [email protected]

Call: 0401 384 903