3 Hour Spring Rest & Restore Afternoon

Half Day Retreat

As a Kinesiologist, yoga and meditation teacher who has suffered from chronic fatigue, lyme’s, other auto immune diseases and who manages anxiety on a daily basis, Ilana truely understand the importance of making space and time to stop, reflect, restore and nurture the mind, body and soul.

So many of us suffer with anxiety, stress and fatigue each day due to our go go western lifestyles, our lack of rest and ability to really feel and connect with ourselves.

This workshop will allow you to fully switch off from agendas, work, your family, technology and all the external stimulations.

This soul nourishment 3 hour Sunday retreat day is for those who maybe seeking:
* Some deep soul time
* Nurturing rest and relaxation
* Refilling their energy cup
* Re-connection with their body
* Who is feeling overwhelmed with emotional or physical stress
* To release emotional pain, heavy burdens, tensions and anxiety
* Breathing space to reflect
* In need of some extreme self care time
* Connect with like minded people

What’s Included:
* Retreat Intention setting
* Self care boundary creating with soul reflection space
* Healthy vegan treats shared over a connection circle
* Restorative restful yoga practise
* Lying yoga nidra meditation
* Use of essential oils, angle cards and all things required to nourish your soul
* And much more!

Time: 2.00pm to 5.00pm
Date: Sunday 15th September 2019
Location: Expansion Yoga, 22b Seymour street, Traralgon, Victoria. 3844

Only limited places available so bookings are essential!

Investment in self:
*Single  Tickets: $75.00 + CC Fees
*Double Pass: $115.00
SPECIAL: Buy 1 ticket, get 1 ticket half price till Friday 13th September. 

Single Ticket