• Cacao + Banana Popsicles
    I love a good ice cream, but as diary does not like me, I do enjoy making my own guilt […]
  • Kinesiology For Kids
    Kinesiology is a fantastic tools for kids. As Kinesiology works with energy, it is very safe and a gentle vibrational […]
  • My Yoga + Meditation Style
    One of the main tools and techniques that assisting me on my healing journey was yoga and meditation.  I now […]
  • How Does Food Hair Testing Work?
    Food Compatible Just For You. Did you know that while I am a Kinesiologist, Yoga and Meditation teacher, I also […]
  • Online Kinesiology & Distance Healing
    Ready to shift your energy? Energy is powerful and will shift and transform regardless of where the healing takes place! […]
  • The must supplements to take when you travel
    Staying safe while travelling is more important than you might think. Travelling is fun, exciting and relaxing, but can often […]
  • Nut Butter Cups
    Who doesn’t love a sweat treat? I always have home made treats in my freezer for those moments when I […]
    Bliss balls are the perfect snack. Filled with protein, vitamins and minerals I always have some stored in my freezer […]
  • Cacao Smoothie
    I’m a chocolate and cacao lover. Although i’ve found over my health journey that caffeine and me are not friends, […]
  • My Go To Muffins
    Muffins a childhood favorite of mine. Enjoy these gluten free variety. DRY INGREDIENTS 1/2 cup Brown Rice Flour1/2 cup Buckwheat […]
  • Spring Allergies
    Spring can often mean allergies! While it still feels a little like winter here in Melbourne, I can feel the […]
  • Yin Yoga + Yoga Nidra-Restore Balance!
    One of my own main healing and rejuvenating practises that I use in my daily life and through my chronic fatigue […]
  • Lets Shake Things Up!
    Comfort Zones How easy is it to just do things we already know how to do? Like our current jobs […]
  • Letting Go Of Expectations
    Life is full of lessons and learnings, but only if we are open to seeing and receiving them. As I […]
  • Golden Latte
    There is nothing more nourishing on a cold day, when your on your moon cycle or in need of some […]
  • Healthy Crackles
    This recipe was a huge favourite in our cafe and is a based on recipe from a dear friends of […]
  • Slow Down Your Life
      Slowing down, taking a step back and a little time out can be one of the hardest things to […]
  • Everything To Know About A Kinesiology Session
    I get asked all the time what is Kinesiology and how can it help me, so today i’ve written this […]
  • Would you know the signs of Burnout?
    Is your career or lifestyle burning you out? For 12 years my career was my everything. Straight out of high […]
  • How your morning routine can dramatically reduce your fatigue
    Our daily lifestyles are travelling at a fast pace of ‘constant’. We are working longer hours, accessible 24 hours a […]

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