What is Kinesiology?

What To Expect "In" A Session

In your initial session, we will discuss in detail your health history and what it is that you want to achieve in your session. We will also discuss how you have been feeling and exactly how you would like to feel in relation to your goals and objectives of the session.

After this you will be asked to lie full clothed on a massage table where the session will begin. If the session is over Skype you will sit in from of your computer rather than lie down.

Each session will be a unique experience and different energy techniques will show through muscle testing to be used to move the energy on.

Some of the tools and techniques used in a session may be include;

  • Breathing techniques
  • Acupressure points (these are held, no needles are used)
  • Chinese Meridian energy balancing
  • Five Elements healing
  • Aura and Chakra healing
  • Reiki energy healing
  • Neuro-Lymphatic or Neuro-Vascular reflex points may be held/rubbed
  • Time tracking to find the source of the stress
  • Flower essences and essential oils
  • Visualisation’s and affirmations
  • Colour therapy
  • Sound healing
  • Crystal healing
  • Nutritional support
  • Lifestyle discussions
  • Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)
  • Women’s womb therapy
  • And many many more…..

At the end of the session we will discuss anything that you want to clarify about the session and we will also discuss your home reinforcements or things that you need to do at home or in your daily life in order to support your session and your goals.

So as you can see every single Kinesiology session is tailored to you and what you need, there are no limitation to what Kinesiology can help you achieve


What To Expect "After" A Session

Everybody will experience something different after a Kinesiology session, so it is difficult to predict how you may feel.  When energy is restored, the body starts to heal itself.

Generally people experience a great sense of relief or lightness by the end of the session. Some people experience fatigue or could be teary, which indicates that your bodies energy is re-organising as a part of the healing process.

Kinesiology can also bring up emotional issues that have been buried or stuck for some time and occasionally you may experience a ’low’ period for a day or two before the beneficial effects are felt. This happens when things are brought to the surface or to be diffused. It’s a very good sign that a deep shift has taken place.

Others may feel relaxed, energetic, have a sense of calmness, in balance or centred experience and be more in control of your life again.

There isn’t a right or wrong way of feeling after the session. Whatever happens for you will be what is needed.

Drinking lots of water is always helpful after a session.

How Many Sessions?

While benefits may be seen after just one single session, from my personal experience and from working with many clients on a variety of goals, objectives and desires the greatest change will usually occur from a series of sessions. 

Generally I suggest clients come back for a session 1-2 weeks after the initial session so that the stressors continue to reduce and hold. It also gives you continued support and guidance.

Further sessions are then 2-3 weeks apart thereafter until the stressors have fully cleared and when you feel balanced, in control and power of your health and healing.

Like anything in life, if your looking for a quick fix you will only get quick results. The more we work together and the deeper we go the more powerful the changes will be in your life.

I always describe it to my clients as if your “peeling an onion”, the more layers you peel the more deeper you go, the more change will occur.

Kinesiology is a commitment to yourself to make the desired changes that you want to occur and achieve in your life. It is a beautiful act of self care and love. 

You can’t put a number of sessions on investing in your own health and wellbeing!

1:1 Offerings

Kinesiology Energy Healing  (In-Person)

Kinesiology Energy Healing (Online via Skype or Zoom)

Kinesiology Energy Healing (Distance Healing)

Kinesiology Energy Healing (Home Visit – for pregnancy, postpartum, inquiry or illness)

Kinesiology Soul Sessions (2 Hours In-Person): Designed to nourish your mind, body and soul. Includes Kinesiology, Reiki, Yoga, Meditation, Journalling, Tibetan Sound Healing and guidance tools (essential oils, flower essences, crystals, angel cards etc).

Kinesiology Prices (Brighton)

Initial Sessions 90 minutes Melbourne – $240.00 

Standard Sessions 60 minutes – $160.00 

Kinesiology Soul Session 2 hours – $300.00

Kinesiology Prices (Morwell)

 Standard Sessions 60 minutes – $160.00

Kinesiology Prices (Other)

 Online or Distance Healing 60 minutes – $160.00

Home Visit 60 minutes – $240.00 (Includes travel allowance, up to 20km from 3186)

Children Prices (Ages 0-12 yrs)

Initial Children (60 minutes) – $160.00

Children Follow-Up (45 minutes) – $130.00


Brighton: Tuesdays, Friday’s and Saturday (Once a month).

Morwell: Four days a month.

Bookings: Brighton / Other

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Bookings: Morwell

Simply book your session here: 


Our cancellation policy is 24 hours.


Cancelation fees of 50% will be charged for less than 24 hour notice. Full fee to be paid if cancelled on the day.

If you have any questions about kinesiology or making a booking simply:

Email:  [email protected]

Call: 0401 384 903