Online Energy Shift Sessions


Energy is powerful and will shift and transform regardless of where the healing takes place!

Everything in life is energy…….literally!

We use energy for everything we do…….eating, thinking, feeling, exercising, communication etc etc. Sometimes our energy gets blocked, overwhelmed, stressed, stuck and stagnant leaving us feeling flat, tired, unmotivated, doubtful, self critical and indecisive about our work, business, finances, health, life direction and our relationships. 

These shift sessions are all about getting to the core of your block and rewiring your thoughts, feelings, emotions and the subconscious stories your telling yourself so that you can take back your power and get back in the driving seat of your life.

Would you run your car year after year without a service? We human need also need to make the space to service our energy and where it is directed.

The beauty of these online consults is that you can harness the magic of shifting your vibes from your very own home, office or destination, anywhere in the world.  

In these sessions you will experience:

  • Mindful listening and deep connection discussion to understand your goals and intentions.
  • Clearing energy in meridians, chakras, Chinese elements and energy systems of the body and mind.
  • Shift and transform limiting subconscious beliefs, stories, thoughts, perceptions. patterns and paradigms.
  • Metaphysical Techniques.
  • Customised healing tools and techniques based on muscle testing and Kinesiology.
  • Online customised home reinforcements document. 

Who are these sessions for?

  • Anyone who is time conscious or is unable to attend an in person consult or due to Covid19
  • Those requiring flexibility with appointment dates and times.
  • Those requiring a consult quickly due to a stressful event, situation or trauma.

Don’t underestimate the power of these session

Not 100% Convinced? Read these testimonies below:

“I had a wonderful kinesiology session with Ilana, via Skype from South Africa. I found Ilana warm, compassionate and very easy to get on with. She took the time to explain what was unfolding during the session, which was great and very informative. Everything that showed was spot on and made perfect sense. I am now incorporating it into my life. Thank you so much Ilana” – Nicole Makhudu (April, 2017)

Anyone that is considering an online consult… please know they are 100% as effective and 90% as lovely as seeing this gorgeous lady in person. So definitely worthwhile if you need a hand and can’t wait to get in, in person. Obviously Ilana is fantastic in person too – if you can wait for appointment. She is incredibly kind, calming, wise and gets the results! – Kristie West (May, 2020)

1:1 Zoom Consults

Zoom Online Consults: 60 minutes – $160.00



Our cancellation policy is 24 hours.


Cancelation fees of 50% will be charged for less than 24 hour notice. Full fee to be paid if cancelled on the day.


Payments can be paid by direct debit (prior to your session) or via EFT on the day of your appointment. Card fee are 2% of the transaction price.

If you have any questions about your session simply contact me on the below:

Email:  [email protected]

Call: 0401 384 903