Stress Relief and Immune Support: The Magic of Thymus Gland Tapping | E190

Do you know where your Thymus gland is located?

This podcast episode explores the healing potential of the thymus gland. Learn about its location and function in the body, its role in the immune and nervous systems, and the ancient technique of thymus tapping.

You will learn how this simple yet powerful practice can reset lifeforce energy, reduce stress, strengthen the immune system and more. Ilana shares insights into incorporating thymus tapping into your daily routine and its benefits for physical, mental and emotional well-being.

In this episode you will learn:

– What is the thymus gland and its location on the body.
– Discussion on the role of the thymus gland in the immune and nervous systems.
– Explanation of thymus tapping as an ancient technique for resetting lifeforce energy.
– Benefits of thymus tapping, including stress reduction and immune system support
– Description of how to perform thymus tapping and its suitability for everyday use.
– Application of thymus tapping for mental and emotional regulation.
– Invitation to upcoming events.
– And more.

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