June Energy Forecast: Honesty & Truth Check-In | E195

Do you ever find it challenging to be completely honest and truthful with yourself?

Are you often a peacemaker or avoid, push aside or suppress feeling certain emotions when they arise?

As we transition into a new season, Ilana explores in this podcast why June’s core theme is one of being deeply honest and truthful with oneself and others.

Podcast Highlights:

– Reflecting on May: New support systems, 40th birthday, holiday lessons.
– June’s core theme: Honesty and truthfulness with oneself and others.
– Recognising signs of self-deception.
– Learn practical steps and tools for being more truth and honest
– Understand the energy of the new and full moon, winter solstice and pluto retrograde
– Learn the Energy support tools for June
– Ilana shares details about her June intentions online retreat

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