Thank You

Welcome to the Ilana K Community!

I’m so excited that you too want find an easier way to live in alignment with your energy and soul as a women.

Check out this short 1 minute welcome video.

Here are a few things to you need to do now:

Check your email for all your login details. (PLEASE: check your spam or junk box as your 1st email might arrive here. Mark my email address as safe and not spam so you will received them in your inbox in the future).

Facebook Group: Make sure you add yourself to the “Ilana K Members” facebook group. This is where we will connect on a regular basis.

Ilana K Members Portal: Go and check out the portal where all the live and on-demand classes and meditations will live. Make sure you pop the live classes into your calendar.

Contact: Any questions that you may have please ask them in the facebook group first (as this is where I will be more active) otherwise you can email me at [email protected]

I am so excited that you have started this journey with me and the other Ilana K Members.

Love and light always,

Ilana x

Ilana K