Women’s Cycles – Period + Menopause


Introduction: The Wisdom of Women’s Cycles

Did you know that a women’s energy, emotional wellbeing and health is linked with her cycle?

Are you aware that as women our wisdom, creativity and inner power comes from our cycles in life?

Many women fear their monthly bleed (or even peri/menopause) due to an array of symptoms like PMS, cramps, discomfort, sore breasts, hot flushes, insomnia or are left feeling emotionally challenged with shame, helplessness, feeling alone, disconnected, frustrated or stuck.

What if it didn’t have to be this hard?

What if your cycle and symptoms were the link to creating more joy, vitality and abundance in your life?

This introduction workshop is all about learning the knowledge that is already inside you to unlock your power within.

Discover that your period or that menopause is your ultimate superpower and not your enemy!

This workshop has something to offer all women no matter where you are in your life cycle: menstruating, pregnancy, postpartum or menopause.

Come join me for an evening dedicated to talking all things periods, peri/menopause and womens cycles!

At this event you will:
*Discover that your cycle (Period or peri/menopause) is your biggest superpower
*Learn the magic of tracking your cycle / energy each month.
*Understand the four distinct hormonal seasons of your cycle.
*Learn the connection of the moon phases and your cycle.
*Discover how seed cycling can assist your hormones.
*Explore your womb space with a guided meditation.
*Understand how exactly how your energy changes each day during your cycle
*Learn how to plan your work and business around your cycles energy
*Leave with an e-book full of tools and resources.
*Listen, share and connect with womens stories.
*Relax, unwind, connect and have a heart felt evening.

Date: 2021 dates coming soon

Email: [email protected] if you would like to be added to the interested list.

There are only 24 places so bookings are essential.

This quote absolutely articulates the cycles of womenhood! “At menarche a young woman enters her power, throughout her menstruating years she practices her power, and at menopause she becomes her power” – Native American Saying

So grab your mum, bestie, sister and your women tribe and lets connect and discuss a topic that may just bring some awareness about the way you view your period, your body and your cycles in life.