How To Incorporate More Movement Into Life With Angela Baklis | E188

Do you struggle to find time for regular movement because you think it requires a 30 to 60-minute commitment? What if you could incorporate more movement into your everyday schedule?

In this episode, we are joined by Angela Baklis, an osteopath and movement expert, to discuss the importance of integrating movement into our daily lives.

We delve into the concept of a movement lifestyle, the benefits of walking and spending time outdoors, and the significance of listening to our bodies. Angela shares her journey from being an osteopath to embracing a holistic approach to movement and explores how movement can be adapted to different stages of life, such as injuries, pregnancy, and motherhood.

Key Points Discussed:

– The importance of incorporating movement into our daily routines and how it benefits both physical and mental health.
– Angela’s transition from traditional osteopathy to a more holistic movement approach.
– The concept of a movement lifestyle and how it differs from just exercising a few times a week.
– Tips for new mothers and busy individuals to integrate movement into their lives, even with limited time.
– The role of movement in managing chronic pain and preventing future health issues.
– How movement can be a tool for connecting with our bodies and intuition.
– Discussion around movement for pregnancy, preparing for birth, or injuries.
– Learn about Angela’s self-care rituals.

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